Situating Yourself in the Port of Havana

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There images offer five different views and representations of the port of Havana:

1. file-page1

2. 015cuba

Above is a rendering demonstrating the shape of the bay and port itself, showing how the peninsula on the right is used as the location for the fortress. The strait is called the Canal de Estrada

2. havana-1762

Above is a rendering of San Salvador de la Punta, which in photo 2 would be on the peninsula on the left of the Canal de Estrada, on the very tip.

3. Havana from the east

Above is a view facing North, from inside the port, of the fortress. In the upper right quadrant of the painting is the Canal de Estrada, and the point the peninsula in the background is San Salvador de la Punta

4. unnamed

Above is a modern-day photo of San Salvador de la Punta

The video shown in this link,  until approximately 3:00,  shows the locations of the fortress: